Private members club for creative spirits with open minds

The Salon Auteur 
The Salon Auteur is a place for creative spirits to meet, mingle and intercourse without reserve. For the filmmaker, the actor, the writer and the poet, the tattooist, the sculptor and the printmaker, the financier and the patron, the researcher, the inventor, the educator and the curator, the cook with the book and the crook…anyone with an open mind, a ferocious curiosity and a willingness to connect.

Salon Auteur parties
At Salon Auteur parties, expect the unexpected. Parties take place at venues in or around Winchester,  the location of which is revealed 7 days before the scheduled date.

Membership to the Salon Auteur is free. Just complete this application form. All members have access to the identity and bios of all fellow Auteurists. Personal contact details, however, are only shared on request and with permission.  To attend one of the Salon Auteur parties there is a £10 fee  (includes a drink). 

History, heresay and rumour
Some very odd stories have  been published about  what takes place behind the closed doors of the Salon Auteur, not least the piece of  investigative journalism by SMUG reporter Venessa Moussa. You can read her revelation  here on pages 266 – 288 of SMUG.